I, Lorraine Ashby (20+ years experience), will personally represent you at your trustee's meeting, and I will personally prepare your filing (40+ pages) at your first appointment (approximately 2-1/2 hours). Saturday and Sunday appointments ALWAYS available 

LOW COST BANKRUPTCY ($495 attorney's fees) in Cook County

($595 in Will and DuPage Counties)

Call Lorraine Ashby personally for directions to: 

 9837 S. Avenue H, Chicago 60617 (near 95th St./Lake Michigan)

773 / 336-5671


$300 due at initial meeting, applied to attorney's fees of $495

Then: $335 (court filing costs) plus $35 (first credit counselling session) PLUS balance of attorney's fees, if any, due BEFORE FILING.

     Your case will be filed after the payments are made.   The final payment of $25 for the second/final credit counselling is due later at your trustee's meeting (approx. 5 weeks).

DOCUMENTS NEEDED: 2015 tax return PLUS two months (60 days) of paycheck stubs (5 paystubs if paid biweekly) (4 paystubs if paid 2X per mo.); client needs to have tax refund in her/his hands and not in a bank account where a creditor can seize it. You have the right to hold the tax refund in your hands, and NOT in the bank, but you cannot file your case before receiving it because the trustee can take it to pay creditors. 

You also need most recent bills including your car loan and mortgage. You should get a FREE credit report to protect yourself. On the credit report, you should circle each creditor you want to add ("ANNUAL CREDIT REPORT.COM" is the FREE GOVERNMENT WEBSITE; select the TRANSUNION REPORT or EXPERIAN.). Do NOT select EQUIFAX. 

If you even might have a judgment by any creditor, you want to cancel auto-deposit of your paycheck to your checking account. You will want to call me for advice on protecting your money, even if you do not end up filing with my office. 

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